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Freedom Ice Cream Pool Party

May 13th 2018: Live one of the best Maspalomas Pride parties.
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GC Open Tennis LGTB

October 4-7th 2018: Enjoy an amazing tennis tournament.
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Freedom Festival Maspalomas

October 10-14th 2018: The summer does not end in September.
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Freedom Pool Party Ice Cream

October 13th 2018: Our party par excellence!
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Winter Pride Maspalomas

November 5-11th 2018: Winter does not have to be cold and sad.
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Maspalomas Carnival

March 14-24th 2019: Wear your best costume.
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Gay Pride Maspalomas

May 2nd-12th 2019: The most eagerly awaited.
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Freedom Ice Cream Pool Party

May 12th 2019: Come and say goodbye to Pride 2019.
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One the most international and eagerly awaited carnivals in the island. You can enjoy a great show during some days and fuse with other tourist or local people surrounded by a yearly designed and themed scenario.

Furthermore, you can’t miss the Drag Queen gala, a reference in this carnivals, where the spectacle is assured. Wear your best costume and enter the carnival! #CarnavalMaspalomas


The Maspalomas Gay Pride has become a massive event and a reference in Gran Canaria. During some days you can enjoy parties, tours, shows, concerts… everything in one of the best gay environments in the world.

We should highlight the Gay Pride’s float parade, which fills Maspalomas of diversity and color. What are you waiting for? #GayPrideMaspalomas


Every year, with Freedom Party, we celebrate in our hotel called Seven, one of the most funny and stylish parties in the island. A party where everything is related to our pool and XXL jacuzzi, the best music and the best environment.

Remember the name because you will come back again. Don’t miss it! #IceCreamPoolParty


Do you like sports? Then, this is your event. Enjoy the tournaments and have fun playing with local and worldwide players. After spending the day in the court you can relax in our hotels.

Also, we end the day with an amazing barbecue to say goodbye to the tournament in a great way. #GranCanariaOpen


We want you to live the MOW experience during the holidays. Every thursday, in our hotel called Seven, we organize barbecues in which you can eat well, meet the other guests and make new friends. #BarbacoasSeven

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